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B2B Brush Pvt Ltd is Bangalore’s

New emerging and one of the brightest organizations which aims to transform the industry. We deal in supply and distribution of cleaning aids and tools. We are not only limited to Bangalore region but nationwide.

You will only find cost efficiency, Durabality and best in quality in B2B Brush products. We only believe in customer satisfaction and a long bond with them.


  • To Provide quality tested products
  • To create a livable healthy environment
  • To make cleaning more effortless
  • To create more job opportunities and develop the country.


To Compete and sustain in the market and upholding the position in the market by delivering the best quality products effectively.





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Our products only define quality and durability as we want our customers to be satisfied and trust us in their second purchase.

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Feel free to contact us and get the best discount on a wide range of products that will keep your house and surroundings clean.


At B2B brush pvt ltd we always believe in spreading opportunities;

Hence We Look For Talented People To Join Our Team,

Heads up, we work collaboratively, in sync with all the departments, brainstorming 24/7, Our aim is to reach our goals effectively for which we think this helps.

So if you think you are a person with never give up attitude and want to study about this industry and help us serve the country with cleanliness, Feel free to get in touch with us anytime.

Join our team, trust us you wont regret.